This design was made by using Photoshop and illustrator to help create this masterpiece of a design. The designer took a picture of an actual person, edited the pic in Photoshop by  using grey scale to make the image black-and-white. while getting ride of the background itself to only create the head of the person. After photoshop, the designer created the rest of this image using illustrator. Adding shapes as shoulders, painting the desgin, and adding records for colored eyes. This design was created by Mike Hindle and has spent hours and hours working hard on this image. If you would like to know more about this image being created or about his works, here is a link below:


Texture Pattern


This is a pic of a texture pattern. The person who worked on this (Hyper Glu) spent probably hours creating this fine pattern. This pattern looks like it could either be for somebody’s wallpaper. Hyper, created this hard work not only duplicating this pattern but working on this pattern from probably from creating the blue diamond at first. The designer has put a lot of effort into this design and has worked a lot on creating this texture.

To see more of this designers hard work and want to know more on how he has created this design is in the link below:

Organic Shape


This is the shape of a plant, this design was made by hand. How it was made was by the use of wire, tracing paper, and a bit of foil to make this plant feel more realistic. This hands on creation was made by Jens Rauenbusch. He has made some development by using some interesting technology to make this plant. In his words “The project was inspired by the “Mimosa Pudica” plant, which fascinated me since I was a kid” that was how he got the idea of making this project.

Here is a link to his other project and more on how he developed this masterpiece:

Type as Shape


Looking at this design, there are letters formed with words, representing some intresting sentences. One of them, for example is “Take a breath.” There other one is “Now keep going” and “Relax.” All of those words are formed into the shape of a comma. The name of the creator is Holly Dowers and she has worked hard making this design using some inspirational words to help create this shape. She has put alot of effort to make the shape she needs to create this pattern. The design was not made digitally but she created this by cutting out some words and putting them together hand by hand.

The link to her other fascinating creations in this link:

Positive and Negative Space (Hiding an object)


In this creation, there is a hidden face in the watercolor painting. This face looks like either the face of a man or some kind of an animal. This hidden face in the painting could be any kind of creature. The painting gives the viewers questions if this could be a person or an animal. There’s a lot of questions being asked about this by the viewers. This creation was made the artist Sydney Patton herself.

Here’s a link to her hard work and other creations:

Flat Shape (Geometric)



The creator (Amanda Lindstorm) has created a 3 Dimensional artwork all on paper. This shape happens to be a hexagon but with papers all stacked on one on top of each other. Her project involved alot of effort and took possibly hours to create this masterpiece. How it is so geometric is the way the shape is put together inside and out.


Here is a link to her other creations:



The design on this form was well developed by the artist of this project. The creator, Wong Shin Huei has designed such a form using some color, shapes, and lines to help create this masterpiece. This hard work was brought up by some interesting thoughts based on the idea that has come to the designers mind. Wong Shin Huei has some thoughts and has put some effort on this project.

Here is a link to more of his hard work:

Positive and Negative


Black and White, White and Black those colors were both used to help create such fascinating patterns. Whether original or reverse they both have a unique style. The designer who created this (Valentina D’Angelo) has shown her hard work as a visual designer to create such a pattern to show the viewers what these patterns are and what they show and represent to the viewers.

Here is a link to the designer and her other works of art:




The design of this portrait was by the use of colors that match up and go together. The colors that were mostly used were purple, dark purple, blue, and light blue. They were put together by grabbing the viewers attention. They grabbed the attention of those viewers because of how well these colors were fantasicly put together into one shape. How this shape was designed, the lines are curvy and sticking out of the shape while there are a few dots inside and outside of the shape. The dots are also different colors but are the same colors used in this design. Billy Hayes has spent hours and hours designing this shape. He has put alot of effort on his project.


Here is a link for more of his images:




This artwork was designed by Raman Khela. His work is based on the repetitiveness and the reverse of trees and branches all in one photo. The way he designed this photo was by using digital reality by using photoshop. While designing this portrait, he toned the color of the picture by darkening the sky along with the branches. His skills in photoshop has brought viewers to the way he has designed the photograph.


Here is a link to his other photographs on what he has done by using his hard work: