Positive and Negative Space (Hiding an object)


In this creation, there is a hidden face in the watercolor painting. This face looks like either the face of a man or some kind of an animal. This hidden face in the painting could be any kind of creature. The painting gives the viewers questions if this could be a person or an animal. There’s a lot of questions being asked about this by the viewers. This creation was made the artist Sydney Patton herself.

Here’s a link to her hard work and other creations:



Color Mood


The colors of the wrapping paper represent the mood sets for the people when they get their gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or apperications towards that person. This prepresents the color mood by how the wrapping paper is designed by Officemilano. Officemilano designed this for the viewers to buy and use his artwork to surprise others by designing his wrapping paper(s) to show the mood and emotions of others by how they would react seeing this kind of paper wraped around a mysterious gift presented to the person receving the gift.

Here is a link to the desinger who created this hard work: