This design was made by using Photoshop and illustrator to help create this masterpiece of a design. The designer took a picture of an actual person, edited the pic in Photoshop by  using grey scale to make the image black-and-white. while getting ride of the background itself to only create the head of the person. After photoshop, the designer created the rest of this image using illustrator. Adding shapes as shoulders, painting the desgin, and adding records for colored eyes. This design was created by Mike Hindle and has spent hours and hours working hard on this image. If you would like to know more about this image being created or about his works, here is a link below:


Organic Shape


This is the shape of a plant, this design was made by hand. How it was made was by the use of wire, tracing paper, and a bit of foil to make this plant feel more realistic. This hands on creation was made by Jens Rauenbusch. He has made some development by using some interesting technology to make this plant. In his words “The project was inspired by the “Mimosa Pudica” plant, which fascinated me since I was a kid” that was how he got the idea of making this project.

Here is a link to his other project and more on how he developed this masterpiece:




The design of this portrait was by the use of colors that match up and go together. The colors that were mostly used were purple, dark purple, blue, and light blue. They were put together by grabbing the viewers attention. They grabbed the attention of those viewers because of how well these colors were fantasicly put together into one shape. How this shape was designed, the lines are curvy and sticking out of the shape while there are a few dots inside and outside of the shape. The dots are also different colors but are the same colors used in this design. Billy Hayes has spent hours and hours designing this shape. He has put alot of effort on his project.


Here is a link for more of his images:




This artwork was designed by Raman Khela. His work is based on the repetitiveness and the reverse of trees and branches all in one photo. The way he designed this photo was by using digital reality by using photoshop. While designing this portrait, he toned the color of the picture by darkening the sky along with the branches. His skills in photoshop has brought viewers to the way he has designed the photograph.


Here is a link to his other photographs on what he has done by using his hard work:

Color Temperature


Looking at this image, I saw that the creator (Holly Hofgaarden) used to in her view of color temperature, using Bud Light Beer cans and Bottles. In this image, we see different cans and bottles all organized together from big to small, light to dark, all in order to show the viewers what her version of what color temperature is and how it is shown. This image of the Super Bowl 2014 is organized using the green and orange from left to right.

Here’s a link of more of her images of using bottles or cans in her view of color temperature:


a878bc23165363-5631e4579d977Looking at another post, this man has some colorful and visual design to this image. Wiktor Malinowski has created a facial image using some wide and bendy lines to create this face. Designing this image, I think of this as if he wanted his viewers to face this image in the way he has been facing his viewers.



Here is a link to his creation and other images he’s created as well:



6f751c27609957-5636d4343c61cLooking on the Bechance Curated site, I was looking at the most amazing artwork by a man named Sam Chivers. His work is extremley fascinating. The amount of hours and effort he’s put into this hard work. The sun in the background along with the stars makes it look like it takes place in the solar system. The purplish dot on the blue land. Light Purplish water with a clear view of the sun in the background has a lot of effort. The artist has worked hard making this design using illustrator. The artist talks about the 1980’s Flash Gordon Movie and how it has inspired him to makes this design. Looks extremely trippy.

Here’s a link to his hard work: