This artwork was designed by Raman Khela. His work is based on the repetitiveness and the reverse of trees and branches all in one photo. The way he designed this photo was by using digital reality by using photoshop. While designing this portrait, he toned the color of the picture by darkening the sky along with the branches. His skills in photoshop has brought viewers to the way he has designed the photograph.


Here is a link to his other photographs on what he has done by using his hard work:



a878bc23165363-5631e4579d977Looking at another post, this man has some colorful and visual design to this image. Wiktor Malinowski has created a facial image using some wide and bendy lines to create this face. Designing this image, I think of this as if he wanted his viewers to face this image in the way he has been facing his viewers.



Here is a link to his creation and other images he’s created as well: