This design was made by using Photoshop and illustrator to help create this masterpiece of a design. The designer took a picture of an actual person, edited the pic in Photoshop by  using grey scale to make the image black-and-white. while getting ride of the background itself to only create the head of the person. After photoshop, the designer created the rest of this image using illustrator. Adding shapes as shoulders, painting the desgin, and adding records for colored eyes. This design was created by Mike Hindle and has spent hours and hours working hard on this image. If you would like to know more about this image being created or about his works, here is a link below:


Texture Pattern


This is a pic of a texture pattern. The person who worked on this (Hyper Glu) spent probably hours creating this fine pattern. This pattern looks like it could either be for somebody’s wallpaper. Hyper, created this hard work not only duplicating this pattern but working on this pattern from probably from creating the blue diamond at first. The designer has put a lot of effort into this design and has worked a lot on creating this texture.

To see more of this designers hard work and want to know more on how he has created this design is in the link below:


6f751c27609957-5636d4343c61cLooking on the Bechance Curated site, I was looking at the most amazing artwork by a man named Sam Chivers. His work is extremley fascinating. The amount of hours and effort he’s put into this hard work. The sun in the background along with the stars makes it look like it takes place in the solar system. The purplish dot on the blue land. Light Purplish water with a clear view of the sun in the background has a lot of effort. The artist has worked hard making this design using illustrator. The artist talks about the 1980’s Flash Gordon Movie and how it has inspired him to makes this design. Looks extremely trippy.

Here’s a link to his hard work: