Positive and Negative Space (Hiding an object)


In this creation, there is a hidden face in the watercolor painting. This face looks like either the face of a man or some kind of an animal. This hidden face in the painting could be any kind of creature. The painting gives the viewers questions if this could be a person or an animal. There’s a lot of questions being asked about this by the viewers. This creation was made the artist Sydney Patton herself.

Here’s a link to her hard work and other creations:






This artwork was designed by Raman Khela. His work is based on the repetitiveness and the reverse of trees and branches all in one photo. The way he designed this photo was by using digital reality by using photoshop. While designing this portrait, he toned the color of the picture by darkening the sky along with the branches. His skills in photoshop has brought viewers to the way he has designed the photograph.


Here is a link to his other photographs on what he has done by using his hard work:


Color Temperature


Looking at this image, I saw that the creator (Holly Hofgaarden) used to in her view of color temperature, using Bud Light Beer cans and Bottles. In this image, we see different cans and bottles all organized together from big to small, light to dark, all in order to show the viewers what her version of what color temperature is and how it is shown. This image of the Super Bowl 2014 is organized using the green and orange from left to right.

Here’s a link of more of her images of using bottles or cans in her view of color temperature: